Una breve muestra de lo que nos espera el 18 de Marzo en la Sala Malandar.

Os recordamos que Pinball Wizard estarán presentando su nuevo album 'Shout It Out and Break the Sound' que saldrá el próximo 25 de Febrero.


Grabado y mezclado en Pancake Analog Recording con Fernando Zambruno y masterizado en Kadifornia Mastering con Mario G. Alberni. "Hot Dust" es el tercer single del disco 'Shout It Out and Break the Sound'. 

Diseño gráfico: Fabián Barrera Expósito
Animación: Gonzalo Velasco Calvo

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Where are you right now, babe?
I’m rolling up and down while I’m passing away
Maybe, this could be an end
With people around me and a smile on their faces

I don’t want no flowers
To keep me a little bit alive
Just burn me in the cold grass
And let my sexuality poison your sky
Don’t wanna live forever

Becoming hot dust!
You’re like a gunshot
Becoming hot dust!
I’m cheated by your eyes

Becoming hot dust!
You’re like a gunshot
Becoming hot dust!
You gotta roll the dice

Where were you, oh, sweet Lord?
It’s freaking me out, no pain, no sorrow
I’m lost, nowhere to go
With my pockets and my soul in a burning urn

Don’t want you to cry
Do I look good dressed in black?
They’ve called, let them ring
It’s not the end, it’s my beginning
I wanna live forever


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