“Corren tiempos extraños pero no por ello vamos a dejar de soñar...
Quiero dar las gracias a Prika Amaral y a mis nuevas compañeras, por su
confianza en mí para formar parte de este nuevo proyecto al que me
enfrento con más ganas que nunca, y por supuesto con todo el respeto
por el legado de la banda. Comienza una nueva etapa que esperemos nos
permita poder llevar a NERVOSA todavía más lejos de lo que ya ha
llegado hasta ahora. ¡Permaneced atentos, porque se avecinan grandes


Comunicado de NERVOSA

"Nervosa - New line up
After intense days auditioning girls from all over the world, we arrived at the new official line up.
It was a bit of a challenge to audition at a distance but where there's a will, there's a way.
Prika Amaral said:
"It was an incredible experience to meet so many talented women. It was not easy to choose just one and being forced to say “No” to several really good musicians. But the question is beyond musical competence. It involves availability, professional posture, good communication, etc ... But I am very happy with the result and very confident. I already have a lot of new songs saved and we have already started writing (which was one of the tests applied during auditions). We will launch some new material online while the Covid-19 situation is sorted. I guarantee that Nervosa comes with full strength."

To take care of the singing duties Diva Satanica was chosen, currently she is vocalist of the band Bloodhunter, where they have already made several important presentations including alongside Nervosa.
On the bass we have a big name, Mia W. Wallace, who has played with Abbath and (Hellhammer’s reincarnation)Triumph of Death, among others.
Last but not least, on the drums, The Revelation, Eleni Nota. Hard hitting drummer with a lot of energy, who currently plays in progressive metal bands Mask of Prospero and Croque Madame.

The choice to be a quartet was to give Nervosa a fresh approach and show something different. This is a new phase, a new Nervosa, but still with its thrash/death essence intact, with riffs with a lot of downpicking and strong grip, fast and technical drums, a renewed, heavier, bass sound and aggressive and super thrash metal vocals. A second guitarist is still an option, but not for the current moment where it involves a lot of adaptation and a huge challenge in logistics, but for the future it is very possible.

Thank you all for your support!"


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